Lighten Up’s lighting design team strives to create the ideal ambience for each event. From weddings in which we set the mood through the elegant use of conventional lighting fixtures and LED’s to large scale corporate events in which we raise the bar through the sophisticated use of intelligent lights, Lighten Up’s goal is to provide an excellent service that is customized to your event. Corporate, Weddings, Fashion, and Stage, Lighten Up has done it all, but we are always looking to do more.We have an extensive inventory of conventional lighting fixtures and LED’s with which we can illuminate event elements such as architecture and landscaping as well pin spotting table centerpieces and specifically highlighting bars and buffets. We can also create a complex layering and color and texture to create a dramatic environment. Our automated lights can create an ambience that continuously shifts with color, light, shadows, and music. Step and repeat lighting, stringer lights, twinkle lights, strobe lights, lasers, hazers, mirror balls, Lighten Up has a full inventory of lighting equipment, a large fleet of trucks, and on-staff lighting designers to make your event shine.Lighten Up has experience lighting events both locally and nationwide including such cites as Los Angeles, Palm Springs, San Diego, San Francisco, Phoenix, Sedona, Dallas, Austin, New York City, Chicago, Park City, New Orleans, Indianapolis, Miami, and Las Vegas.